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Couple & Relationship Issues

“Even in the midst of struggles and disagreements,

unlock the door to healthy relationships!”

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Are you constantly bickering or arguing with your partner?

Do you feel distance, lose intimacy, and do not know how to bridge the gap?

Are there longstanding communication issues?

Are there feelings of betrayal?

Human beings are social animals; we seek social connections to fulfill our lives with meaning. Forming healthy relationships requires communication, trust, honesty, respect, compromise, responsibility, shared emotional connection, and boundaries.

If these areas are not maintained in our lives, then conflicts can arise in our relationships with our spouse, partner, parents, children, friends, colleagues, or any significant other person.

Relationship problems can also generate by life transitions, involvement of extended family members, money issues, problems in intimacy, or personality differences.

We can experience significant stress due to chronic relationship problems. Unresolved relationship problems can impact our wellbeing and the well-being of people who may be dependent on us.

Psychotherapy treatment can help explore the root cause of relationship conflicts. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can be beneficial in identifying and changing our challenging belief systems.

Family and/or Couple Therapy treatment can also improve trust and generate deeper connections in our relationships.