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Scarborough Psychology Clinic

Virtual sessions available across Ontario



We provide our services to Individuals, Couples & Families and in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, German, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Mandarin and Urdu.

Virtual & In-Person

Evening & Weekend Appointments, No Waiting

Free Parking, Wheelchair Accessible

You can always become the person you were meant to be.

  • Feeling sad and depressed?
  • Feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed?
  • Are you struggling in your relationship?
  • Are you worried about your children & family?
  • Are you stressed at your workplace?
We can help you! Psychotherapy is an evidence-based treatment to help you with your emotional difficulties and nurture and develop the best in you!
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Welcome to Scarborough Psychology Clinic

  • We can help you in your journey to deal with your emotional struggles.
  • For over 15 years, we have helped numerous individuals, families, and couples deal with their stress and challenges and have a fulfilling life.
  • We are a team of highly trained, experienced mental health clinicians, comprised of registered psychologists, clinical social workers, and registered psychotherapists.
  • We share the passion for helping people live their lives to the fullest satisfaction and potential by delivering effective therapies and bringing lasting positive results.
  • If you want to see one of our clinicians, you don’t need a referral from a doctor.

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Call us on (416) 438-3800  or fill out our online inquiry form and we’ll contact you


I am very thankful for the referral to work with my psychotherapist Rajat Chakrabarty. I was dealing with depression and alcohol dependence for years. He also helped me to deal with my PTSD. He taught me very useful strategies which I can use in my everyday life to cope better. His insight and experience are helping me immensely in my healing journey.

Arun, T

I have been immensely helped by Dr. Biswas. She helped me in dealing with my long-standing depression and anxiety issues. She provided a very safe space for me to process my emotions and I was able to open up so much from the first session itself. Her caring and compassionate presence calmed me down. I learned many things about myself from the sessions and have been able to process my past trauma. I now feel optimistic about my future.

Beatrice, A

I have reached out to Dr. Arpita during the most difficult times in my life, she has always been able to support me and help move forward when I feel stuck or lost. She challenges you in a kind a compassionate way, and she has the ability to help me see the connection from my childhood experiences and how these are reflected on my adult life. Thank you so much Arpita!