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What to Expect when Seeking Psychotherapy Treatment?

Welcome to Scarborough Psychology Clinic and our first blog post. Please check this page in the future for updated blogs and other resources that we will continue to share with you to help you through your journey of healing.

So now that you are here, what next? 

Whatever reason has brought you here, we will help you move forward. Seeking therapy takes courage. There are many reasons to attend psychotherapy treatment. It can be due to a crisis or trauma, relationship problems, stress, academic and occupational related issues, low self-esteem, or anything else that causes overwhelming emotions. 

It is also not uncommon to feel a general need to talk about your thoughts and feelings with a supportive person who may help you feel better.

What is psychotherapy treatment?

Psychotherapy is talk-based therapy that helps give you a fresh perspective on a difficult problem. Therapy can take place in individual or group setting. Your therapist will address your thoughts, emotions, behaviours during treatment. You will be able to discuss and process your concerns in a non judgemental and safe space. Through this process, you will not only find the solution(s) for your concerns, but you will also develop new skills that will help improve your well being. 

Choosing the right treatment approach or modality?

There are many modalities of psychotherapy treatment. Your therapist can help identify the modality that will work best with the concerns you would like to address during treatment. Often, therapists use an integrative approach which means that they will use a variety of modalities. The clinicians at Scarborough Psychology Clinic are trained in more than one model of therapy. 

“When you make a choice, you change the future” – Deepak Chopra 

How to get started?

At Scarborough Psychology Clinic, our clinicians are available by appointment only. You can click here to book an appointment. For answers to some commonly asked questions, please check our page for Frequently Asked Questions.

The process…

During your initial appointments, your therapist will ask you a lot of questions to identify your concerns. These meetings will also help with building rapport with your therapist. A good relationship with your therapist is one of the biggest factors in experiencing success during therapy. With the help of your therapist, you will be able to figure out how many sessions you will need to work through your concerns. 

What to expect during therapy?

The process of therapy requires your full participation. The therapist cannot do the work for you. Therapy can be time-consuming and challenging at times. During treatment, you may experience uncomfortable feelings. It is a process that can be full of surprises. However, most people who attend therapy report feeling an improved sense of well being. You will be able to notice this change in your mood, thoughts, feelings, relationships, and day to day activities.

At Scarborough Psychology Clinic, we can help you determine the right kind of therapy, support, and therapist for your needs. You can contact us today by booking an appointment.